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    2. Because I only showed one dominant follicle, is there any use in increasing the Clomid to 100 mg? Or is it the case that if one ovulates at all on Clomid upping the dose wont help? I had abundant cervical mucus while on the Clomid and was told that my lining was good, and also did not experience any troublesome side effects, so am happy to increase the dose if there is any chance of that working. Or, should we consider changing to a different medication for me to increase the number of follicles? With my husbands low morphology and at the IUI, low count I am wondering if giving the sperm more targets would be helpful. Vale W, Rivier C, Hsueh A et al. Chemical and biological characterization of the inhibin family of protein hormones. Recent Prog Res 1988;44:1-30.
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