Foto deur Micky Hoyle SARIE KOS JUN/JUL 2012


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Verhit oond tot 200 °C. Sny ’n kruisie op elke aartappel – net deur die skil. Plaas op oondrak. Bak 1½ tot 2 uur – die tyd hang af van hoe groot aartappels is. As jy aan die skil vat en dit voel bros, kan jy dit uithaal. Sprinkel sout oor. Druk aartappels aan die kante tot dit oopgaan waar jy die kruisie gesny het.

  • Anindita

    I nominate Cat Abuse Treatment Society in Firth Park, Sheffield. This rerigtesed charity 1043442 is a small but vital charity in Sheffield, rescuing and treating injured and abused cats and kittens. The Sanctuary is located at the home of the patron, Jackie Longley, and completely covers her back garden, and part of her neighbour’s. The charity has had a very tough year, rescuing many kittens dumped and left to die by cruel humans. Chance was one of a litter found in a carrier bag by a man walking his dog. Jackie noticed one kitten was barely alive, and managed to save him. This is just one example. The charity used to have a shop to raise funds, but this had to close due to repeated break-ins, they had an animal ambulance presented by David Blunkett, but this was stolen and burnt out. Jackie and her two Trustees now rely on donations of food and money, and the selfless dedication of a small band of volunteers. Like many local charities, it has come close to having to shut due to lack of funds, but is somehow still managing. The Sanctuary is a permanent home to many disabled cats which have been rescued 3 young cats with cerebral palsy, and one with deformed legs all of which vets advised to be euthenased, but Jackie gives every single feline a chance to live. a3150 may not be alot to some, but to Cat Abuse Treatment Society, that’s a vet bill to save the life of a cat or kitten facing death, or food for the many cats in residence at the Sanctuary. In these desparate times, a3150 could save this rerigtesed charity.