Tuisgemaakte Oreo’s

(12 koekies)

  • 155 g botter
  • 280 g (500 ml) koekmeel
  • 100 ml kakaopoeier
  • 60 ml strooisuiker
  • 45 ml water


  • 250 g roomkaas
  • 100 g versiersuiker
  • 10 ml rooi koskleursel

Verhit oond tot 180 °C.

Plaas al die koekie-bestanddele in ’n voedselverwerker.Verwerk op hoë spoed tot alles in een bal saamkom. Laat rus in yskas vir 20 minute. Rol sowat 3 mm dik op ’n meelbestrooide oppervlak uit.

Druk met 8 cm-koekiedrukker 24 sirkels. Plaas op bakplaat wat met kleefwerende kossproei gespuit is.   ( Jy kan patrone in die koekies druk met ’n koekie-stempel.) Bak vir 10 – 12 minute of tot goudbruin en bros. Laat afkoel.


Plaas bestanddele vir vulsel in middelgroot mengbak en klits met handklitser tot romerig en goed gemeng. Skep lepels vol op 12 koekie-helftes. Plaas ander helftes bo-op. Sit voor

  • Maria

    Lori -I haven’t been on your blog in a while. I was spiraling donrwawd in depression due to a situation with the US military and I was limiting internet time for my own sanity. I am also too proud to ask for help. I’ve paid for companionship from my friends – offering a days wage or even more just to get them to hang out with me. I don’t want to seem weak or something else to them. How silly is that? I have to pay my "friends"… My husband is in the military – I have been so fortunate that he has come home to me – but I have been pretty much going it alone for the last ten years. I can relate to your loneliness. I have to remind myself to breathe when the kids (6 & 2) wonder where their daddy is. I have a tangible location to tell them, but that is usually all. I pretend to understand how it is for you because time and space mean nothing to them. Anywho – I am there with you, despite not knowing me. I have read your journey and so much of it has hit home. I suffer from depression and have PTSD due to being alone and under such uncertainty for so long.I just want to offer my support. I wish we were closer and could trade company without feeling guilty and that we had to pay for it. It would be a nice change.You are an amazingly strong and candid woman. I admire and appreciate you for all you are doing for so many lives.Thank you again,Lauren

  • Adrian

    I completely untarsdend feeling guilty about asking for help – I always do – but it is not selfish to do so. You have coped admirably for months – that you’re not doing so right now is completely untarsdendable, and I wish someone from ‘real life’ would be there for you right now. God knows you deserve it.Obviously I’m not real life, and I’m still quite new to this blog so you don’t even know me in that context, but if there was some way I could teleport myself to Oz right now, believe me, I would. Not to advise, not to seek solutions (as if there are any), but just to be there with you and hold you. You deserve someone to do that for you, and I hope someone sees that and acts accordingly.You’re a good person. You didn’t deserve, and don’t deserve, any of this. Ultimately, words are meaningless, but I wanted you to know that I care.Lots of hugsPan xxxxx