Tamerin Robin Botes

My inspiration came from my all time favourite Miss SA,Tatum Keshwar. She’s uniquely beautiful and a similar dress she wore complimented her beauty perfectly. And because she looked totally breath taking in it, I thought maybe, just maybe… A dress very similar to it would do the trick for me too. My choice of colour, green, speaks of life and highlights the purity of nature, which to me, is fulfilling. The ultimate was how it perfectly complimented my skin tone and personality.

Sien alle inskrywings

  • Carmen Human

    Absoluut asemroswend, the dress really made you look special, sexy, elegant and definately a winner

  • Jacqueline Saulse

    this dress suits your body perfectly. Not only is the dress amazing, but you’re such a pretty girl!!!!! All of the best with the competition!!!

  • leon fredericks

    Daring design, but you most definately pulled it off!!!!! Good Wishes for the competition!!!

  • audrey botes

    Tammy, you looked breathtakingly beautiful on your pram night. I am so proud of you. You’ve become a real lady in every sense of the word. Beauty definately comes from within, but God really showed off when He created you!!!! Love you stax

  • laureen

    Baie mooi dogter, jy dra jou rok met so baie grasie en elegansie, ek hoop jy wen!!!!!

  • carlo siegers

    Oh, boy, what a sexy, hot dress!!!!!! Gud luck!!!!

  • vivieca

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!!! all of the best!!!!

  • naomi block

    absolutely beautiful, and I like your inspiration, I really hope you are being chosen, you looked stunning

  • nicole

    Beautiful! beautiful! beautiful! and more beautiful!!! Good luck with the competition

  • Teneel Botes

    Tammy I am very proud to have you as my sister. I love you lots and you looked beautiful on your matric ball evening and I hope I will look just as pretty, I really hope the judges will pick you!!!!

  • Marvin Draa

    You a the image of a princess. Your mom must have been so proud of you! I hope you make it through to the final round of this competition, you really deserve to

  • Vivian

    Tammy, you looked absolutely breathtaking. All of the best for the competition

  • robin

    Congrats on your final year at school and ending it on such a beautiful, memorable point, all of the best for the future! and I hope you win this competition, you really deserve to!!!

  • Josè

    Baby girl!!!!! you looked hot!!!! all of the best, you really showed off your dress beautifully