Maak dit self

Gehekelde blommetjie met 6 kante

Benodigdhede: Resbietjies dubbelbreidraad en ‘n hekelpen van 4 mm.

Afkortings: Beg – begin; dies – dieselfde; gs – glipsteek; her – herhaal; kb – kortbeen; ks – kettingsteek/-steke; lb – langbeen; rdte(s)  – rondte(s); sp(s) – spasie(s); tes – tesame; vlg – volgende.

Hekel só:

1e rdte: Beg met 5 ks en las met gs om ‘n ring te vorm.

2e rdte: 3 ks (= deurgaans 1e lb), 1 lb in ring, (1 ks, 2 lb in ring)5 keer, 1 ks, las met gs aan 1e lb (daar’s dus 6 groepies).

3e rdte: Neem vlg kleur en hekel in elk van die 6 ks sps: 2 lb 1 ks en 2 lb. Las met gs aan 1e lb.    

4e rdte: Neem vlg kleur en hekel 7 lb in elk van die 6 ks sps Las met gs aan 1e lb.

5e rdte: Neem vlg kleur en hekel 1 kb in elk van vlg 7 lb, maar hekel (tussen 2 lb van 3e ry) ‘n lb wat jy deurhaak na die 3e ry  om ‘n blomblaartjie te vorm . (= dus 7 kb en 1 lb) 6 keer.

6e rdte: Neem vlg kleur en hekel 1 lb in elke kb, maar hekel 1 lb 1 ks en 1 lb in middel van elke blomblaartjie. Heg af.  

  • Ella

    Isn’t that design lovely?

    Hello, how Can I contact Deur Lounette Fourie & Anita Rossouw by email?


  • Annarie

    Baie pragtig

  • Hazel Askew

    Are the instrustions for your crocheted african flower from Sarie Magazine June 2009 available in English? If so please can you e-mail them to me thanking you

  • Susan

    Dankie it is ‘n baie oulike blommetjie patroon. Ek het vandag sommer 20 van hulle klaar.

  • Joyce

    Ek wil ook probeer om die blommetjie te hekel

  • Mariaan van Niekerk

    Ek het n " throw"" vir my bed gemaak met die blommethies dit lyk ongelooflik..
    My vriendin het vir 3 dogters elk n throw gemeek. Dis so mooi

  • carol

    Where can we get this in English, please? I tried the Flickr link on Ravelry, but it says I do not have permission to view this photo. (even though i have a Flickr account. I would love to make these. 🙂
    Thank you,

  • inSayshable on Ravelry

    This is what I could figure out, using Google translate and looking at the stitches.

    1st rnd: Beg with 5 chain stitch and slip stitch to add a ring shape.

    2nd rnd: 3 chain stitch (1st double crochet), one double crochet in the ring (one chain stitch, 2 double crochet ring) 5 times, one chain stitch, slip stitch to 1st double crochet (there are therefore six groups).

    3rd rnd: Take next color and crochet in each of the 6 chain stitch spaces: two double crochet, one chain stitch, and two double crochet, slip stitch to 1st double crochet.

    4th rnd: Take next color and crochet seven double crochet in each of the six chain stitch spaces, slip stitch to 1st double crochet.

    5th rnd: Take next color and crochet one single crochet in each of next 7 double crochet, double crochet (between two double crochet of 3rd row) that makes the petal shape. (= 7 sc and one double crochet down to the 3rd row) 6 times.

    6th rnd: Take next color and crochet one double crochet in each single crochet, but crochet one double crochet, chain stitch and one double crochet in center of each petal. (=3 dc; in the 4th dc – 1 dc, chain stitch, 1 dc; 3 dc). Attach.

  • Patricia Baerga

    This is such a lovely design. I too would like to see the instructions in English. Thanks for such a lovely addition to the crochet world.

  • Lily

    I love the flower design and would like to know if I can have it in English? It would be much appreciated.

  • Stephanie Grealy

    I would very much appreciate it if you could send me the pattern for the African flower Hexagon, please. The examples that I have seen are absolutely stunning.

  • Bridgette

    For an English translation see this site here:

    Hope this works 🙂

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  • Torrie

    Ek wil leer hekel. Ek weet nie hoe om die verskillende steke te doen nie

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  • Lynda

    Go to Google Translator and type in the web address of the page:

    It translates it from Afrikaans to English.

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  • heidi

    Hello! I would love this pattern in English,if possible,thank you so much!

  • Marlene

    Ek wil baie graag leer hekel. hoe begin mens kan iemand my help?

  • Monet

    Africa Flower Design pattern in english
    Base Round – sl knot, ch 6, ss into first ch to make a ring.
    Rnd 1 – ch 3, 1 dc, ch1, *2 dc, ch1, * repeat until you have six spaces and six 2dc. ss to the 3rd chain of the beginning round. fo
    Rnd 2 – Change color: Start in a space. ch 5, 2 dc in same space, *ch1, 2 dc, ch2, 2 dc in next space – repeat * 5 times, 1 dc and ss into the 3rd ch of the beginning round.
    Rnd 3 – ch3, dc6 in the 2-ch space, ch1, * dc7 in next 2-ch space, ch1, repeat * 5 times. ss the 3rd ch of the beginning round. fo.
    Rnd 4 – New color: ch1, sc around and make a long stitch down in round 2 between each flower petal. End with ss. fo.
    Rnd 5 – White: ch3, 3 dc, ch1, *dc 1 in the same st as last dc, dc 3, ch1 (skip long stitch of the previous round), 4 dc, ch1, repeat 5 times, dc 1 in the same st as last dc, dc 3 ch1, ss to the 3rd ch from the beginning round. [Note: ch1 in bold should be at the center of the flower petal, this is the corner of the hexagon]
    To join to the adjacent hexagon block, insert the hook to the matching ch stitch of another hexagon and do a ss instead of ch.

  • Dorothyy

    made this in other colours

  • Eveline Mofokeng

    Dankie, dis ‘n baie mooi patroon, ek het al 4 van dit probeer! almal wil weet "waar kry ek so mooi patroon" en die antwoord is baie maaklik SARIE, Sarie gee mos alty om!

  • emile samberger

    it realy is stunning .i admire people that can do this

  • Linda Beerlink


  • Linda Bessinger

    Is a pattern available in English?

  • Dorothy Bonner

    Yes, English, please?

  • Tita Carré

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